the world truly not able to feed its hungry?

The rise in food prices during 2007-2008 affected people everywhere: from
those living in extreme poverty in Africa to consumers in industrialised countries,
from the rural poor in Latin America to mine workers in Asia. The question that
must be answered is how it came to this. Is the world truly not able to feed its
hungry? And how can we prevent this from happening again?
We have witnessed social unrest, riots and demonstrations because people
have been unable to put food on their tables. Children have been affected
because their parents cannot afford to pay both for school fees and meals at
the same time, and as a result they have been forced into labour to help support
their families. These are just some examples of the recent developments caused
by rising food prices that this report will examine.
The following chapter will look at the evidence at hand: how workers’ purchasing
power is being diminished, how economic recession is causing declining
consumption and job losses, and how drought across the African Horn is driving
large parts of its population close to starvation. This report serves as a wakeup
call – we must act now before inequalities and desperation within poorer
countries as well as richer increase even further.


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