we must act now

we must act now before inequalities anddesperation within poorer countries as well as richerincrease even further

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Corruption violates human rights

(inpbpm)) Corruption violates human rights :Corruption violates political and civil rights by distorting or rendering useless political institutions and processes and undermining the functioning of the judiciary and lawenforcement authorities.

Corruption also violates economic and social rights by denying equitable access topublic services such as health and education, placing obstacles in the way of earning alivelihood in the public or private sector and, as mentioned above, by distorting decision-making processes regarding the allocation of resources.

Corruption causes poverty and creates barriers to overcoming it

Corruption affects poor people the most as they are the most vulnerable. These ofteninclude women, children, the elderly and those wrestling with chronic disease. Withoutresources at their disposal they simply have fewer options when confronting barriers toaccessing basic public services and other resources. They also tend to be most affectedby the misallocation of public resources and the resulting inhibited economic development.Programmes to combat poverty are also adversely affected by corruption andare thus made ineffective

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